Monday, 27 June 2011

Every1request Wikileaks- Abt Brutal attack on democracy in India- Silent protesters against Corruption, beaten while in sleep!

Hi sir/madam I am great great Fan of you and your work. You People have become international iconic figures since when you have started disclosing governments of different countries and ho they cheats their people. I am from India and I on the behalf of 121 crore people humbly request you to help Baba Ramdev in his anti corruption crusade he has started since last 5 year. Our media is completey biased here in India and mostly shows news against this person claiming this communal. But highest Muslim organisation of India Darul-Ulema Hind completely supports Ramdev. Beside this Religious leaders and Spriritual Leaders of top levels of every single Religion are supporting Ramdev. But Media is showing all anti news against Ramdev to completey Discredit to this unprecedented movement.                I am giving You Some facts about Ramdev and you better decide Can this person be corrupt, communal, or cheater what our Paid news claims?????          1.  When Ramdev Opened his Patanjali university in 2006 18 Chief Ministers out of 28 states in India and Vice President  were present at Inauguration function and everyone appreciated his work at that time because he didnt speak about Black Money at that time. 2. Ramdev had Invited by Former United Nations Secretary General Kofi Annan, in 2007 for stand up program to give lecture on poverty allievation program. 3. He has proved scientifically how Yoga and Naturopathy can be better alternatives to Allopathy in Life threating diseases like Cancer, Hypertension, Mental diseases, Heart disease, diabetes etc. In this Regard He had been invited by World's most Reputable institution like M.D. Anderson Hospital which is claimed to be world's best Cancer Research institution, AIIMS ( Indian Govt, Topmost Hospital), NIHS ( National institute of Mental Health Science in India), DRDO ( Defense Research and Development Organisation of India).            Besides this It was for the first time in the history that International Conference on Yoga Science was organised under the leadership of Ramdev without any government aid at his Research Institution named Patanjali Yogpeeth at Haridwar in North India, where Scientists and Doctors of international reputable universities like Harvard, Oxford, Cambrigde participated alongwith Representative of established yoga therapy centers of more than 25 countries.             Very recenty on dated 4 june 2011, Ramdev alongwith more than 100,000 people were gathered at Delhi for peaceful protest for this Black money issue stashed in Swiss bank and other tax haven countries. But at the midnight at 1 am in the morning Indian police and Rapid action force on the order of Indian national goverment did Lathi charge and fired tear gas on sleeping people who were fasting unto death and at that time all were sleeping.             A brave lady Mrs.Rajbala was admitted to ICU due to being beaten very brutally, still fighting to survive! They did not even spared females/kids or Old aged ! Police allegedly misbehaved with females and tried to harass few of them physically too.   CCTV footage of the rampage were captured and destroyed by POLICE, What was the need to capture those footage id Police is not lying!!             NOTE:- VIDEOS TO ALL THE ABOVE CLAIMS MADE ARE AVAILABLE ON YOUTUBE AND OTHER WEBSITE PAGES SOME OF FEW LINKS ARE AS FOLLOW:-     NOT A SINGLE CHANNEL SHOWED THIS RALLY THOUGH EVERY MEDIA CHANNEL WAS COVERING THIS RALLY. VIDEO OF PEACEFUL PROTEST HELD ON 27 FEB 2011, IN WHICH PERSONS RANGING FROM INTELLECTUAL FIELD LIKE FORMER CHIEF JUSTICE OF HIGH COURT, HIGHEST RANKING POLICE OFFICER, HIGHEST RANKING INCOME TAX OFFICER, TRANSPARENCY INTERNATIONAL DIRECTOR, HIGHEST RANKING LAWYER, EVERY SPIRITUAL LEADER OF EVERY SINGLE RELIGION EXISTING IN INDIA , EVERYONE HAVING FOLLOWING IN CRORES ARE THERE IN FOLLOWING VIDEO:-     VIDEO OF RAMDEV ADDRESSING DOCTORS OF MOST REPUTABLE CANCER RESEARCH INSTITUTE NAMED M.D. ANDERSON CANCER RESEARCH CENTRE IN TEXAS UNIVERSITY, USA     THESE FOLLOWING ARE 9 VIDEOS OF INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON YOGA HELD AT RAMDEV'S PATANJALI UNIVERSITY AT HARIDWAR IN NORTH INDIA WITHOUT ANY GOVT AID:-     FOLLOWING ARE VIDEOS OF HIS RECENT FAST UNTO DEATH VIDEO WHEREFROM HE WAS FORCIBLY ARRESTED AND MORE THAN 100,000 PEOPLE WHO WERE AGITATING PEACEFULLY WHERE BEATEN BRUTALLY BY POLICEMEN, TEAR GAS WERE FIRED ON SLEEPING PEOPLE AT MIDNIGHT OF 1AM ON 4TH JUNE 2011 at the orders of Indian government. ONE LADY NAMED SMT. RAJBALA IS SO BADLY HURT THAT SHE IS FIGHTING FOR HER LIFE. CHILDRENS WERE HIT, WOMENS WERE HIT WITH STICK. INDIAN LEADERS ARE FACING REAL CORRUPTION CHARGES ONE TELECOM MINISTER HAS DONE SCAM OF APPROXIMATELY 200,000 CRORE. ANOTHER HAS DONE SCAM OF 70000 CRORE IN A COUNTRY WHERE 85 CRORE PEOPLE LIVE FAMILY INCOME OF LESS THAN HALF A DOLLAR. CAN U STILL BELIEVE OUR MEDIA AND INDIAN GOVT. CHARGES AGAINST RAMDEV THAT HE IS COMMUNAL, HE IS CHEATER, HE HAS BLACK MONEY ETC. PLEASE SUPPORT BABA RAMDEV'S MISSION OR ELSE OUR GOVT WILL KILL HIM VERY SOON CONTACT HIM ..................     WITH REGARDS ANTICIPATING IN GOOD AND POSITIVE REPLY MAIL ID IS

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